Our back up is cooperating with different consulting companies and licensors, in parallel to updating of old procedures and manuals and publishing books on transfer concepts in different media to ensure the capability to prepare high quality documents in the field.


OUR Clients

- Chemical Plants and Expansion Projects


Term and Conditions

Confidentiality will be followed strictly and will be detailed in the contract.

Client is the owner of document content, while the general format and design is the property of Fluent Writing Ltd.

The contract price will be per man-hour basis for small contracts. However, if parties agree on an open contract for frequent projects, there would be special promotions for the contract.

The contract price for medium and large contracts will be on a fix price basis and a floating estimate for extra works. 30% of the price will be paid as advance payment and the rest will be paid per progress of the work and milestones as will be defined in the contracts.




The prices is negociable and depends on volume and type of the work.

The production, delivery and type of documents will be calculated as per client request, if other than softcopy or should be sent through special companies (e.g. SendIn).




Revisions will be free for four hours and will be charged half a price for the documents had been previously produced by the Fluent Writing Ltd.

Comments for two times review will be implemented during the work.

Clarification and explanations meetings with be held in client office or shop if requested by client.

Documents will be prepared in an agreed format.

Folding and exterior design will be agreed between parties.

Number of copies and origin hard copy (if requested) will be provided as per agreement.




Please ask for a presentation and negotiation meeting for ordering.


Tutatrial materials

1.Analysis of REM and NREM stages in sleep --->

2.Brain activity --->

3.Brain functions and kinematics --->

4.Equivalent Connections --->

5.How the brain relates inputs to conclude in an output or outputs --->

6.Physical Study of the Sleep Stages --->



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